Features In This App

Flaktest empowers families, friends, esports teams and clubs with an array of features that build positive relationships and outcomes for young people.

Local, ranked amateur esports

Monthly Amateur Leagues are designed for new and experienced gamers interested in individual, team or club esports.

Playing in Monthly Amateur Leagues offer gamers a safe and supportive way of meeting new friends, joining local esports clubs and being recognised for their gifts and talents. Monthly Amateur Leagues prizes include points which are required to qualify for The Invitational. 

But most of all, the Flaktest Monthly Amateur Leagues are a fun and social way to be active with family and friends online.

Learn and grow through gaming

Learn literacy and numeracy through your childs favourite video games. The Flaktest app releases new content each month, containing in-game exercises that truly engage young people. Each exercise earn points for the child and adds to their local leaderboard. Most importantly, each exercise is designed to improve a childs gameplay.

Differentiated Learning

Each exercise has been designed by educators and can be used for formative assessment. For more information on how to use the content in your school/classroom, please contact brett@flaktest.com

Available On All Your Devices

Revolutionising the way we all play, Flaktest will become available on both Android and iOS devices. More announcements to come for desktop (Mac and PC).

Available On IPhone And All
Android Devices

Unlock their potential

Play esports matches, casual games with friends, or finish an exercise on Flaktest to earn points. Win monthly esports tournaments and shoot up the national leaderboards. Take your gaming to the next level and be a recognised esports expert. Find your pathway to a professional career in esports today!

“Flaktest is something I have been apart of someway or another from grade 9, now I am in grade 12 and soon I will be past that. I have found Flaktest a great place to give an opportunity for amateur players to prove they’re the best on a smaller scale. “

Year 12 participant

2018 National Championships – Overwatch

Esports is for everyone

At Flaktest, every gamer, of every skill level, should have the opportunity to play esports. Flaktest users are offered an array of esports services that meet their needs and strengths, while offering parents peace of mind and assurance that their child is playing with friends and learning. Flaktest esports services include, but are not limited too, the following:

Casual Play

  • Play With Friends
  • Book Game Time
  • Build A Parent Network
  • Earn Flaktest Points
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Amateur Leagues

  • Play with a Club
  • Monthly Competitions
  • Find your local rank
  • Earn Flaktest Points
  • Qualify for Nationals
  • Access Esports Exercises
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The Invitational

  • Play for Glory
  • Win Epic Prizes
  • Represent Your Club
  • Meet Pro Teams
  • Start A Career
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Ensure Your Child Is Safe While Playing Games​

With online gaming, a significant concern raised is the anonymity of the users and the possibility that their child may be playing with an unsavoury individual. This is a serious and live issue, and parents have a role to play in ensuring their children are safe when going online.

Flaktest Parent Network

The Flaktest App is a positive step towards ensuring children are safe online. How? You can easily add parents and friends to your network and schedule game times with them. You can then know who your child will be enjoying their gaming time with.


Customer Feedback

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Want to know more?

We have put together some of the burning questions from our community to help you understand what Flaktest offers. Our Family, School & Community Guides will be available soon!

What are the Monthly Amateur Leagues?

Monthly leagues are designed for young gamers intrerested in individual, team or club esports. Playing in Monthly Amateur Leagues offer children a safe and supportive way of meeting new friends, joining local esports clubs and being recognised for thier gifts and talents.

What are points and how are they useful?

Players are rewarded with points for playing matches with friends, completing exercises and winning and placing in monthly leagues. Points are acculumated throughout the calendar year and determine local and national rank. Points are used to qualify in the Flaktest Invitational. More announcements to come on how points can be redeemed on other items.

How does Flaktest teach Numeracy & Literacy?

Flaktest is built by teachers. Over the years, we have developed programs for students that use in-game mechanics and experiences to explore concepts covered in school subjects such as Science, Technology, English and Mathematics.

How does Flaktest prevent my child from playing too many games?

While preventing children from playing games is possible, children always find a way. Instead, we have built a tool that encourages children to use Flaktest to manage their screen time alongside parents, and keep you notified of who, when and what they are playing.

What is Esports?

Esports, also known as electronic sports, is a form of competition involving video games. Similarly to playing traditional sports, esports requires teamwork, critical strategic thinking, communication, leadership and sportsmanship.

What are the benefits of Esports?

Esports has an abundance of benefits for participants, spectators and stakeholders. Similar to traditional sports, esports provides opportunities for everyone to be involved. Whether it be a parent helping their child bring their equipment to a match, or a player building confidence within their team before a match winning strategy, esports establishes a landscape that rewards creativity, communication and collaboration.

What does the Flaktest experience look like?

While Flaktest offers casual, safe gaming experiences with friends, children can join their local esports club, attending club catch ups, team meetings, training sessions and official matches. However, since esports is played online, no travel is required throughout the monthly competitions. Players compete from their homes, school, LAN centre or library and are supervised by a parent, club or team representative.

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Join our Club Network

Are you a parent, teacher or community leader interested in supporting young gamers? Why not create an Esports Club in your area!

Esports Clubs are online entities where young gamers and families in your school or local area can be active in their community, make new friends and play in safe, fun esports competitions.

To apply for an Esports Club, simply complete the application form below and Flaktest will be in touch with you.