Play local esports, win great prizes at Flaktest!

We’re on a mission to help you learn better through the games you love to play. Kickstart your esports journey today at Flaktest!

Flaktest are helping solve the problem of engagement for youth in schools.

Transform your classroom and extracurricular activities with simple and empowering tools that save you time, foster creativity and leverage the passion of your students towards personal and academic success.

How Flaktest works

Flaktest solves disengagement


Teachers create their free Youth Esports club for their school and invite students to create esports teams and sign up to competitions.


Students play the games they love to play for their school in safe environment and with their friends through a Flaktest Esports Program.


Students discover how litearcy and numeracy helps empower their gaming while learning core subject topics along the way.

Supported titles

Rocket League at Flaktest
Hearthstone at Flaktest
Rainbow 6 at Flaktest
Overwatch at Flaktest
CSGO at Flaktest

“[Flaktest] provides an excellent opportunity for a core group of our students to engage in the school community and feel part of the school team, particularly students who don’t normally engage in other extra-curricular programs that we over.”

Anita Piccioni, Teacher Representative
Canning Vale College

“Flaktest was a very enjoyable experience, it made me feel more connected to the year groups below us which was really cool and allowed me to make some good connections with them that I hope to keep moving into the future.”

Year 11 student, Player

“Keep Flaktest eSports going! The excitement from the boys in our household when eSports night comes around is fantastic! It really keeps them motivated throughout the week to know that they have that reward coming”

Tonia Brown, Parent

How to get started with Flaktest

Get started with Flaktest today by registering as a Teacher. Flaktest will provide downloadable information via email for you to share with your executive team and help prepare your club.