Teacher Rep Special – May 14th, 2019

NAPLAN is here! We wish you and your students the best of luck.

As it is a very stressful time for schools, we thought it would be great to share some of the warm fuzzies from students all over Australia who are a part of the esports program. Each week, students are asked to complete a lesson that applies literacy, numeracy and social and emotional skills.

Understanding what motivates your students

Week one, we asked students to provide three goals they wish to reach by the end of the term at Flaktest. By collecting this information, we are able to identify what students hope to gain from the experience and challenges they face not just in the game, but in their lives at school and at home. Here are some of the goals from the students:

  • Better communication with teammates
  • Improve my confidence online
  • Improve my attitude to gaming, and those online
  • Do the best I can
  • Learn how to deal with loss
  • Improve on my teamwork/cooperation
  • Better Communication
  • Winning as a team
  • Making friends

Demonstrating literacy and emotional intelligence

To challenge their literacy and emotional skills, we asked the students to visualise and describe what success looks like for each goal. Student’s began to use descriptive language and illustrated a high level of emotional intelligence. We have provided example work below:

Better communication with teammates – Create a better understanding for the game, making it easier to communication.

Improve my confidence online – Being safer, yet more comfortable talking to people.

Improve my attitude to gaming, and those online – Have a noticeable change in the amount that I tilt. (get frustrated)

Do the best I can – I would like to become a more effective team member and improve in my own level of gameplay.

Learn how to deal with loss – I hope to win as a team but even if we do not win, I will be proud of my team that they tried their hardest.

Improve on my teamwork/cooperation – I hope to gain better team skills, better mechanical skills, insight into the esports world, self-confidence, and if I’m lucky, a win for my school team, a team built from the ground up by working hard.

Better Communication – I hope to gain improved communication skills when working as a team, improved mechanics in rocket league such as saving and scoring. Furthermore, the opportunity to compete in a competitive environment with a team is also unique and fun.

Winning as a team – I hope to gain the experience to work in a competitive esports team and cooperate with the people within the team. Continuing to strive greatness within myself

Making friends – I hope to gain a better bond between players from other schools who share the same enthusiasm as me when regarding games, which could lead to friendships being created. I also hope to get better at the game slowly bit by bit which allows me to have a more competitive and fun aspect of the game.

Know how your students learn through esports

We are incredibly proud of the effort and empathy the students are illustrating as they embark on their esports journey. We hope their thoughts inspire your day, as it has ours

We will be producing a report for each student who completes the lessons for the end of term. Teachers and parents can opt-in to access this information, providing unique insights in understanding how your students learn.

If your students are having difficulty completing these lessons, please do not hesitate to contact Brett at brett@flaktest.com or 0430 329 029.

Kind regards,

The Flaktest team