Support the interests of your children in a safe environment

At Flaktest, we put the power back into the hands of parents and families with tools that promote positive reinforcement, accountability and safe play.

Understanding your role

It is not uncommon to see that the focus in junior sport on competition and winning is propagated by parents and is not the primary concern of the child. As parents and teacher representatives, our role is centred around developing the environment that is mindful of the messaging being sent to young gamers.

The research tells us:

  • Players want their parents to be involved in and to be supportive of their sporting experience. Instead of behaviour that pressures players to perform and succeed, they would prefer supportive comments about the positive aspects of their attitude, sportsmanship and effort (Sanchez-Miguel, Sanchez-Olivia, Amado, Garcia-Calvao, 2013)
  • Participants that perceived more pressure from their parents generally experienced a negative relationship with sport enjoyment. Whereas appropriate parental participation promoted an increase in players’ enjoyment and motivation. (SanchezMiguel et al., 2013)

What are the commitments?

While other youth sports are expensive and soak up an incredible amount of time, esports use of technology provides significant benefits for parents and children.
Youth Esports takes place on either Tuesday, Thursday after school, or on Saturday mornings. Training with clubs and teams occurs once or twice a week, depending on the clubs priorities and membership criteria.
Youth Esports can take place at different locations, including but not limited too:
  • LAN Centres – Facilities which cater to the interest of gamers
  • School IT Labs – Dependent on access to technology
  • Home offices – Using a family PC to access esports
  • A friends house – Hosting a LAN by bringing PCs to a location
Note: Before you allow your child to play in Youth Esports, or on a particular team, consider your child’s school schedule and homework demands. Setup a weekly schedule to teach your child a valuable lesson about time management and get them in the habit of setting priorities.

Parent conduct

As a parent, you play a special role in contributing to the needs and development of youngsters. Through your encouragement and good example, you can help assure that all the boys and girls learn good sportsmanship and self-discipline. In Flaktest Gaming, young people learn to work together, to sacrifice for the good of the team, to enjoy winning and deal appropriately with defeat. Best of all, they have fun!

Support your child

Supporting your child by giving encouragement and showing interest in their team is very important. Help your child work toward skill improvement and good sportsmanship in every game. Teach your child that hard work and an honest effort are often more important than victory – that way your child will always be a winner despite the outcome of the game!

Being confident in choice

Developing skills for young people to make informed choices and feel good about their decisions is an important responsibility for parents and caregivers. At Flaktest, young people have a platform that illustrates the impact of their actions through a transparent relationship between schools and other young people online.

Being safe online

The online world of gaming has amazing benefits and access to immediate feedback, but for young people, it is important to learn how to keep safe from malicious and explicit content and cyberbulling. Flaktest centralises the communications between clubs and focuses on localising the content to prevent exposure to young people who are accessing information within the community.