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Offer your child a world class educational method through video games.

A first-of-its-kind program for families and schools, Flaktest leverages the passions of young people through innovative and proven methods. The Montessori method has been helping children learn and grow around the world for more than 100 years.
Fortnite lesson - Graphing Ordered Pairs

See what Flaktest means to young gamers around the world.

Learning has never been so much fun with Flaktest

Learning in Flaktest happens in your favourite games — each lesson comprising discover, play and reflection — helping every young learner engage in core school subjects like STEM, english and art.
Discover Flaktest

Discover how numeracy and literacy empower your gaming

Play your favourite games and discover exciting new ways of learning core subjects like Maths and English. Share your progress with your friends and family through a Flaktest Esports Club.
Discover Flaktest

Learn through safe play with your friends and family and compete in local, ranked club esports.

Through play at Flaktest, young people develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage back into learning.
Reflect with Flaktest

Develop emotional intelligence, integrity and confidence with friends and family at Flaktest. 

Become more self-aware and learn to self-regulate through self and peer reflection exercises at the end of each learning.

Encourage Collaboration

Share your experiences with friends and family with Flaktest and celebrate the collaborative power of esports, education and community.

Manage screen time

Build a structure for your child's interests through challenges and matches that are scheduled and shared to your calendar.

Create pathways

While your child learns you will discover the various opportunities available in esports, video games and technology.

Schools that collaborate with Flaktest

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