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Save time setting up your club with the Flaktest helpdesk and White listing information.

Whitelisting details

Current titles used at Flaktest can be found at our Supported games page. Clicking on the button below will take you to a table that shows the ports and destinations that require whitelisting in order for students to successfully access the game services from school.

HTTPS Inspection and DMZ

HTTPS Inspection

HTTPS Inspection is a typical part of a corporate firewall. However, this frequently causes issues with game clients anti-cheat detection. Find out more about HTTPS inspection here.


We recommend that Schools create either a DMZ or separate VLAN for whitelisting/HTTPS inspection exclusion so that the configurations don’t impact on the rest of the School network.

Testing Technology

Before your first match, we recommend that you test out the appropriate titles to ensure that it is working correctly on the school network. This is to ensure that students don’t encounter any issues or delays in participating in each match.