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Competitive play information

Play competitively in Flaktest Youth Esports tournaments Test your mettle in competitive esports. Youth Esports provides you with a platform to explore your interests in esports in a safe and exciting environment. Build your profile and kick start your journey into professional esports through the various titles and tournaments offered. Play popular esports titles in …

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What is a “Community Club Event”?

Casual and fun esports events for everyone Community Club events are short-term competitions that involve Youth Esports Clubs working together towards a shared goal. Whether it be developing a Minecraft Build or a casual Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competition, Community Club events are a great way of understanding what esports is all about and making …

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Term Esports Programs

Registered Youth Esports Clubs and members interested in competing in esports for their school purchase a Term Esports Program. By joining the program, you and your school are providing a safe alternative pathway for your students to engage responsibly in online spaces and represent your school in something they are passionate about. When does a …

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Organising practice matches/scrims

Throughout the season, school esports teams will look to prepare for each upcoming match. Whether it be physical training at a gym, or training with their team online, it is a great way of bonding with team members and their teacher representative. Teacher Representatives may assist in the scheduling process of training and matches alongside …

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Youth Esports Clubs

A sports club is a great indicator of community strength and health, and Youth Esports Clubs offer opportunities to address the evolving interests and needs of young people. Club roles and activities may include, but are not limited to: Youth Esports tournaments Excursions and incursions Club community events Club leadership STEM Learning journeys Why create …

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Club roles

Youth Esports Clubs provide fantastic leadership opportunities for young people at school. Additionally, leadership roles provide invaluable learning experiences that help towards building their character (and resume). In a Youth Esports Club, leadership comes from its members, who have the passion and understanding of what they wish to achieve throughout each season. The leadership team …

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Esports competition types

Youth Esports Series Each term, a Youth Esports Series will be broken into a regular season and playoffs. The regular season runs from the first weekend of each school term up until the second last week of term. Matches will be played weekly. Playoffs and finals will take place on the last week of the …

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Academic Probation

A participant who has failed to meet the academic expectations / requirements for the affiliated High School will be suspended from all Flaktest related activities until Flaktest has been notified by the Youth Esports Club Teacher Representative of any changes.


Disqualification are handed down to the most severe incidents, such as cheating, multiple no shows/forfeits or multiple minor offences in any Flaktest related activity. Disqualifications can be issued to either a team or player. In the case of a Youth Esports team disqualification, all or some players may also be suspended, depending on the nature …

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