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Failure to arrive with your Youth Esports team in a lobby 15 minutes after the schedule time will result in a forfeit for the match. A captain that does not communicate with the opposing team in order to organise, and if necessary,reschedule a match will receive a team forfeit for that match. If both captains …

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Rescheduling a match

Game dates may be subject to change if the situation and timetable allow it. A team who wish to reschedule a match needs to provide a valid and reasonable excuse to make the request. A team wanting to reschedule a match must give a minimum of 48 hours notice to the other team to allow …

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Starting a Youth Esports Club

Starting a Youth Esports Club at your school is a simple process. This guide will take you from signing up as a Teacher Rep to adding students using enrollment keys. Overview: Signing Up The Youth Esports Club page Adding Student to Club 1. Signing Up Schools interested in participating in a Flaktest educational program or …

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