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Games white-listing details

Games  The following games are the current titles used at Flaktest. The table shows the ports and destination that require whitelisting in order for students to successfully access the game services.  League of Legends  TCP/UDP  PORT  FQDN/IP  TCP  2099  TCP  5222-5223  UDP  5100-5400,  TCP  8088  TCP  443  TCP  443  …

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HTTPS Inspection and DMZ

HTTPS Inspection  HTTPS Inspection is a typical part of a corporate firewall. However, this frequently causes issues with game clients anti-cheat detection. Game titles have built in SSL certificates and don’t accept new trusted root certificates that are required when HTTPS traffic is broken for inspection. We recommend that Schools exclude the IP/Domains in the …

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Updating, Caching and Speed

Updating/Patching  The game clients will have frequent and sometimes large updates. You should allow enough time to complete the updates before game day.   Caching Server  Where possible we recommend setting up a caching server to reduce the impact on your school network when game updates are released.  Connection Speed  To successfully participate in esports requires …

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Testing technology

Before your first match, we recommend that you test out the appropriate titles to ensure that it is working correctly on the school network. This is to ensure that students don’t encounter any issues or delays in participating in the Regional League matches.  This would include installing the game client with the latest patches, joining …

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