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Youth Esports Clubs provide fantastic leadership opportunities for young people at school. Additionally, leadership roles provide invaluable learning experiences that help towards building their character (and resume).

In a Youth Esports Club, leadership comes from its members, who have the passion and understanding of what they wish to achieve throughout each season.

The leadership team consists of the following:

  • Teacher Representative
  • School executive (if applicable)
  • Student Club President

Student Club President

The Club President is ultimately responsible for all student-related aspects of the Youth Esports Club. The Club President, alongside the Teacher Representative and School executive, sets objectives for the club and what events will be organised. In addition the student assists the running of club meetings and should be expected to be the primary contact between the club and outside contacts like other Youth Esports Clubs, other club members and Flaktest.

The Student President should delegate tasks and roles to members in the club, promoting club co-operation and inclusion. A good Club President recognises the help, achievements and talents of all members in the club, keeping in mind on the future of the club by preparing the next leaders for their roles.

The Vice President will take on the role and responsibility of the Student President when he/she is absent or otherwise unavailable.

To do this effectively the Club President should:

  • Be well informed of all the club’s activities
  • Have a good working knowledge of the club rules
  • Manage meetings with Teacher Representative (if needed)
  • Represent the club
  • Be a supportive leader for all club members