How do I get started with a “Production team”?

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Before creating a twitch channel, each school club will need to create a Production Team. The role of the team is to manage and moderate their school esports club channel. Teacher Representatives would take a decisive role, though we encourage students to take a leadership role in the running of the channel. Roles include, but are not limited too:

Producer/Stream Operator

Stream Operators are required to have significant hardware and bandwidth capabilities. The Stream Operator is responsible for the streaming of content on Twitch.TV. We recommend that a student interested in Streaming contact Flaktest to get a copy of the FG streaming information sheet.


Commentators have a key role in communicating the lead up, play-by-play action and breakdown of matches. A commentator must have a good knowledge of the mechanics of the game. It is recommended that a minimum of two people commentate a match.


The Twitch Moderator, or Mod, is responsible for the communications in the twitch chat and the operations of the Twitch Channel online. A Twitch Mod must be familiar with the Twitch.TV website.