Organising practice matches/scrims

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Throughout the season, school esports teams will look to prepare for each upcoming match. Whether it be physical training at a gym, or training with their team online, it is a great way of bonding with team members and their teacher representative.

Teacher Representatives may assist in the scheduling process of training and matches alongside team captains. To understand how esports training works, the first step is to grasp the language. For example, in esports, training with an opposing team is known as a scrim. Scrims are managed via the Flaktest Discord server found here (link) on the #scrims channel.

Teams can simply request a scrim by sending a message to the scrim channel using this format: “Hello, we are [insert school team] and we’re looking to scrim on [insert day(s)] at [times]. PM me. Thank you”

Teams will usually receive a response during the same day or earlier, and following an agreed upon time between both teams, each captain will send a message to Server Admins on the Flaktest Discord Server, requesting a time they would like a server (if necessary). The format for a server request is: “Hello, we are [insert school team] and we’re requesting access for a scrim against [opposing team] on [insert day(s)] at [times] on [Enter game e.g. CSGO]. Thank you”