Rescheduling a match

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  • Game dates may be subject to change if the situation and timetable allow it.
  • A team who wish to reschedule a match needs to provide a valid and reasonable excuse to make the request.
  • A team wanting to reschedule a match must give a minimum of 48 hours notice to the other team to allow for negotiation. Both teams must come to an agreement for the date change to take effect.
  • A rescheduled match must be held within 5 days after the original match day. Therefore, if a match is originally scheduled for the Saturday, the rescheduled match must be before the following Thursday.
  • The discussions regarding the rescheduling of the match must take place between team captains and using the Flaktest Discord channel.
  • Team captains should act in good faith when trying to agree on a new schedule.
  • If the teams tried to negotiate but cannot agree on a new date to play the match, the original match date prevails. If a team does no show up on the day, the match ends and will be recorded as ‘forfeit’.