Rocket League Tournament Format

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Setting up a match

  • The basic hosting system for BO3/BO5 is Team 1 to host the first game, Team 2 the second game and Team 1 again to host the third game(if applicable) and so on for BO5.
  • Select ‘Play Online’
  • Select ‘Create Private Match’
  • Message your opponent’s Captain to make sure they are ready
  • Host Teams update the match setting to look like the following:
    • Arena: DFH STADIUM
    • Team Size: 3v3
    • Series Type:Bo5
    • Bot Difficulty: No Bots
    • Region: Oceania
    • Joinable By: Name/Password
    • Cross play: Enabled
    • Team Settings: Default
  • To join the game; select ‘Join Private Match’ and enter the Name/Password you have been given.
  • Once you have connected, wait until all 6 players have connected and are spectating, then choose your team.
  • Spectators are allowed during the match.


  • If a player disconnects, it’s up to his team if they want to continue the match or not. If a player disconnects, the rematch can happen only if both teams agrees.
  • If any serious bugs occur, the game has to be quit immediately and the match has to be re-played. If a team doesn’t agree on the rematch, a video recording of the bug is strongly recommended. The admin will decide then the outcome. Abusing a bug is forbidden.