Roles & responsibilities of a Teacher Representative

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As educators, we understand the ongoing commitments of a teacher or learning staff at a school. From marking, to duties, to calling family members, the teachers role is not simply in front of a class of students. As a Teacher Representative, our goal at Flaktest is to minimise the interruptions in the day-to-day operations of a teacher or learning staff, and provide a rewarding experience for all involved.

The roles and responsibilities of a Teacher Representative include, but may not be limited to:

  • Completing the Teacher and Youth Esports Club registration form here
  • Inviting students to the Youth Esports Club by sharing a unique Club Code
  • Selecting Term Esports Programs for players and teams via the Club Dashboard
  • Managing communications between students via the Club Dashboard
  • Generating reports for assessment via the Club Dashboard Reports page
  • Providing opportunities for student leadership roles within the club through group leader roles.

Our organisation appreciates the on-going commitments of teachers through the busy school year. Time is a limited resource for many educators and we would like to emphasise that we understand the need for flexibility and support. On average, a Teacher Representative would spend approximately one hour per week with their Youth Esports Club. During this time, a teacher would hold weekly meetings with competitive teams and complete administrative tasks.

If you’re looking for ideas, some clubs have opted to host school events to encourage staff and parents/guardians to learn about youth esports. Flaktest loves these ideas, and other creative ways to engage people in the community. Our organisation is open to provide support that works towards building a positive club culture. If you would like any further information on upcoming club events, or fun ways to engage your club members, please contact Brett Sullivan at