Term Esports Programs

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Registered Youth Esports Clubs and members interested in competing in esports for their school purchase a Term Esports Program. By joining the program, you and your school are providing a safe alternative pathway for your students to engage responsibly in online spaces and represent your school in something they are passionate about.

When does a Term Esports Program start?

Term Esports Programs are held throughout each term. The program goes for approximately ten weeks. Each team will have an opportunity to play each other team in their division. Points will be allocated for wins and losses, and at the end of the league, the top two teams will play a Grand Final match.

What day do Term Esports matches take place?

Matches are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school and Saturday mornings (depending on the game and competition). The time of a match is dependent on the game your school team is playing. A match will go for approximately 45 minutes.